How To Tell If Your Partner Is Losing Interest In You ?

17 Apr

We often hear people using the phrases like ‘falling in love’ and ‘fallen out of love’. What does it mean when a person says that they have fallen out of love? Fallen out of love can be defined as a state or condition where one’s feeling of love and excitement for the partner in a relationship is lost or faded. In short, it is a state where you do not feel or react to your partner the same way you did earlier. It is said that if one can fall in love, then it is possible to fall out of love too.

Many times after some time, the love is lost in a relationship. Sometimes the couples may choose to continue the loveless relationships because of their own helplessness. Some of the reasons for their helplessness could be financial dependency, children, society, etc. While some may try to revive or rekindle the love and passion in the relationship, others opt to break free of the relationship because they do not want to live a life of pretense. Falling out of love may happen when any or both of the partners have changed feelings for the other. It is quite natural that the attraction between couples may fade over a period of time. However, if you identify the warning signs, you may be able to remedy the situation. How to tell that you have fallen out of love with your Spouse?

Given below are 8 signs to know that your relationship may be in trouble.

1. Meeting your Partner no longer excites you: Spending time alone with your partner or holidaying no longer excites you. You are no longer looking forward to your partner. You would rather spend time with your friends than being near your significant spouse. You may cancel your occasions with your partner because your heart isn’t into it anymore. If you love your partner, you would certainly take time out for them. If you prefer sms rather than meeting your partner or talking over the phone, you may have fallen out in love with that person.

2. You cringe at the thought of Intimacy: Feeling of emotional detachment towards your partner is a sure sign that you have fallen out of love with him or her. When you feel mentally distant from your partner, it is quite natural that you may want to be physically distant too. You may also not be comfortable with your partner’s public display of affection.

3. You are okay with Infidelity: You may suddenly start taking an interest in others. When you no longer find excitement in your partner, the chances are that you are ready to look for excitement elsewhere. You may not mind flirting with others or even crossing boundaries behind your partner’s back.

4. Your priorities have changed: You are more interested in spending time with your buddies or engage in other activities than being with your partner.

5. You are happy being Single and free: When you are in love, you would want others to know that you are a couple. Even after spending years together if you still think or talk about both of you in terms of you and me, that means you do not see yourself as a couple.

6. You do not care: You may not hate your partner, but you may become indifferent towards them. You are no longer interested in anything that is going on with your relationship. You don’t even feel that you need to make an effort to mend the situation. Nothing about your Partner matters to you anymore. You may have even lost respect for your Partner and may not consider them worthy enough to take their opinions.

7. You are overly critical about your Partner: You find faults with your Partner. You feel embarrassed or irritated by your partner. The traits you liked in your partner, no longer impress you. You pick up fights with your partner for even silly reasons. Your behavior could be also because you do not have the guts to break up with your partner, but hopes that she/ he does it.

8. She/he is your backup Plan: You hope to keep him/her with you till you find a better person to be with you. You may be in the relationship because of helplessness or convenience. In case you do not find anyone you fancy, you know that he/she would be there for you. You have to remember that no one likes to be a second fiddle and that you are being unfair to them by doing so.

In some cases, you may be able to rekindle the relationship together by working on your weaknesses. Remembera always implore Allah for help and work on our weaknesses for verily our weaknesses are our strength provided we take acknowledgement.

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